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TV doesn’t need to be complicated

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ISPs, Mobile operators and other service providers are keen to get into delivering television. As an added value service it has the potential to increase revenues significantly, while ensuring a higher subscriber retention because it gets hard to leave when the service you provide adds more value.

The problem with offering a television service is the actual television. Where does the content come from? How do I negotiate multiple licensing agreements? How much is this going to cost me? Do I need to hire specialist personnel? The good news is that MwareTV manage it all – making TV very simple indeed.

Traditionally, licensing content and building channels is an expensive and time-consuming set of tasks, calling for specialist skills that network providers often do not have. There is also the strong probability that you would end up with a set of services which have no brand identification for the audience. They really want to watch the channels they know and love: to win their subscriptions that is what you have to offer.

MwareTV is a dynamic business that provides all you need to set up a rich streaming service. All the technology is hosted in the cloud, and intuitive user interfaces make it simple to operate. It is a low cost route to building and establishing an attractive service. As long as you have the content.

Managed IPTV Service - Content ready to go

MwareTV has formed a partnership with a major US content provider. It means users have access to more than 200 national and regional channels, including all the well-known names that audiences look for.

Most important, all the licensing and fees are organised in a single contract. Like the technology from MwareTV, the fees are based on the number of subscribers, so costs only grow as revenues rise, making it easy and affordable to start, then pay as you grow.

It eliminates the need for specialist negotiations, in an unfamiliar field. That in turn saves a great deal of time, because you have just the one contract to finalise and agree, for both the technology and the content. Because MwareTV has everything in place, you can get a completely tailored, fully branded service, complete with comprehensive and attractive content, on line in a matter of weeks.

That is a very fast time to market. You can concentrate on adding the television service to existing users and bringing in new subscribers, driving revenues and pushing retention rates higher.

Intuitive technology

The ability to bundle functionality and content in a single contract is a very compelling reason to consider MwareTV. It is important to understand that, by choosing the company, you are not compromising anywhere along the line. Indeed, the technology offering from MwareTV is cutting edge.

It is a turnkey, comprehensive solution for IPTV and OTT, covering everything needed for all the core services. That includes content storage, asset management, planning and scheduling, ad insertion, and streaming the output. These are all cloud-hosted, so there is no investment in hardware, nor the need for any space to be allocated.

To access the content, subscribers need players which work on the devices they provide. The MwareTV platform includes white label apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, FireTV, Roku, and Samsung and LG smart TVs, as well as web players. These can be quickly branded to reflect your corporate look and feel.

Customizable Interfaces with little experience required

There is also unique and very innovative AppBuilder software, which empowers users to create and tailor interfaces without the need to know any coding. Either way, you get subscriber experiences which completely match the enterprise look and feel.

Accessing all of these functions, and the day to day running of the service, is through intuitive user interfaces hosted in HTML5 browsers. All of the hardware and processing happens in the cloud, so users with the right credentials can log in from any location to manage the service: remote working is inherently built in.

Because you need no hardware to provide the service, there is no need for engineering effort. You need people for schedule planning, and commercial sales if you are taking advertising, but because the operational user interfaces are so intuitive you do not need specialist staff or extended training.

MwareTV and its cloud provider combine to ensure that it operates as a true software-as-a-service, where costs are directly linked to operations which are directly linked to revenues. Users can establish a system with a nominal investment, and see operational costs only grow as subscriber numbers, and therefore revenues, grow. Indeed, part of our sales process is to work through a business case calculator with potential users, so they can see before signing any contract what the revenue and profit potentials are.

One-stop shop

Whatever the nature of the enterprise, the goal is always the same: to provide an attractive, engaging television service to the subscriber that will keep them happy and reluctant to churn. The MwareTV solution does all that, while shielding the operator from both technical and legal complications. 

The proposition is completely flexible so users can take as much or as little as they need. Everything is cloud hosted, so there are no engineering or physical space constraints. The system is completely secure through the cloud’s own procedures, together with a secure log-in and permissions framework for operators.

A range of content can also be included, in the form of a very large number of live channels. The material can be securely protected by implementing a digital rights manager like Irdeto, which is seamlessly integrated with the core software.

Significant revenues are readily realised – and all achieved with one negotiation and one contract.


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