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Zixi's David Van Arkel Talks ContentXChange and Independent Data Platform

David Van Arkel: Thank you for joining Zixi here at Streaming Media West 2022. We're here in the Diamond Platinum sponsor booth. We're here to talk about a few new things that we've come out and released with recently. One right here is our ContentXChange. So when we do thousands of channels through our network, we can actually bring two different groups of people together that want to ultimately hook up and deliver content to different areas of the world across different platforms. So we facilitate those relationships and help build that and actually transport our streams out to different endpoints and targets.

Additionally, we have something called IDP, which is our Independent Data Platform that came out this year. This uses all the artificial intelligence and machine learning across all of our software instances to actually make predictions like a weather forecast across certain content and networks across the globe so we can tell you, "Hey, it's gonna be snowing, it might be raining today. Maybe you want to take a look at this."

We've been working really hard on our Zen Master platform to bring everybody in so you have a seamless control plan across the entire signal path from source to target so that you can keep eyes on everything from a knock, from what's happening, from analytics and analytics spectrum.

And then of course, this is all integrated into our Software Development Video Platform. So that's what's new here at Zixi for 2022.

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