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nanocosmos Executive Predictions: Interactive Live Streaming is More Important Than Ever

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Over the past year, we've seen video communication on an unprecedented scale, from remote work to virtual conferences and live-streamed events. Interactive Live Streaming is now more important than ever: It has become a tool across several industries to connect and engage audiences worldwide, for applications like virtual or hybrid events, business webcasts, town-hall meetings, entertainment and music events, or monetized applications like live auctions, betting and gaming or live retail.

The coming year 2022 will raise the bar again. A reliable video platform, available at any time and scale, accessible on any device, is a given requirement, but the audience is also looking for a great interactive user experience for virtual events. Even if physical events might return, at least hybrid approaches are required to connect audiences virtually, with the highest Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS).

Separate but in addition to the important requirements e.g. reliable, highly accessible, high quality video streaming, other trends we see are data insights based on metrics and analytics, and content protection as well as security to avoid possible misuse.

Data analytics provide important technical and business information which helps operators make the right choices about their live streams, based on any audience data and available at their fingertips. 

Security and content protection has several dimensions, from attack-prevention to avoiding content duplication or privacy issues around increased regulations like GDPR. The right technology and full control of the entire live streaming workflow, end-to-end, helps to detect any kind of fraud while an easy integration into custom workflows including API access is an important element. Going forward we at nanocosmos stay dedicated to provide nanoStream Cloud as a unique and comprehensive platform that is continuously extended by innovative cutting edge technology. New features are scheduled to be released in 2022!


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