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Advancing Remote Production with SRT and Cloud Routing

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Steve Nathans-Kelly: Are there particular innovations or changes in your approach that you can point to as you've streamlined your remote workflows over the last year or so? Anna, let's start with you.

Anna Cowdery: After the first couple of weeks of doing it, we took stock of the tools that existed and said, "How can we do this even better?" so that Zoom and vMix Call aren't the only options. Because of that, we started developing tools. We looked at the things that Haivision was offering on mobile apps for SRT streaming and developed our own SRT streaming that was more talent-friendly, so that all they have to do is type in six digits into the Rivet app, and we can bring that feed into our control room. And then seeing how powerful that was, we developed cloud routing with the virtual video control room that we developed for the DNC and other partners being able to do cloud routing. Moving feeds across the country, got a lot easier as we were developing tools and identifying, "This is what we want, so let's go build it." And we think other people will like it too. And that's been a big change in our approach--our use of SRT technologies and our willingness to build whatever it is that we want.

Jef Kethley: One of our favorite tools that came out of all, this is the Sienna processing engine and NDI in our cloud infrastructure that allows us to do so much more--the routing, the capabilities--and it's been game changing for us to be able to set up multiple control rooms in the cloud and control multiple events at one time. And when the client comes to us and we're doing this big thing for a motivational speaker, and we've got 50 different Zoom Rooms set up for them, 50 different Zoom Meetings set up for them, and they come to us and say, "Hey, is there any way you can add 25 more?"--the day of--and that is just the part of the cloud. that, when it clicks, and you're like, "Give me a couple hours, no problem." That is a beautiful thing to be able to say to your clients.

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