New Revenue Opportunity for Data Centers due to Pandemic

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Ant Media’s Ahmet Oguz Mermerkaya talks growth in the Video Streaming Market.

It’s clear that live or on demand video streaming plays a crucial role in our modern society as people watch streaming videos on social media or the internet and share the content with their friends as part of their everyday lives. In addition, the pandemic which started in late 2019 has affected almost everything in daily life, including changing the way we work, shop, travel and so on. It’s been clear for decades that the development of online video services has been on the rise, and today’s global health situation has accelerated this growth in the video streaming market even more.

Therefore, 2020 is the year when the largest number of interactive videos ever have been streamed. So, the question here is how infrastructure providers such as Data Centers and Cloud Networks can cope with these changes, and convert the trend into competitive advantage in order to grow their share in the market.

The Need for Data Centers

All video streaming platforms require computing and network resources for video transcoding, video delivery, handling user requests and so on – and eventually all need data centers to deliver the best experience to both players and viewers. Due to dynamic requests by viewers and the widely spread locations of broadcasters and viewers, it’s essential that data centers offer scalability to match growing numbers of players, and offer a quality streaming experience to millions of players wherever they are in the world. 

So what does the future hold for Data Centers? Will they consider introducing new products into their portfolio to enrich their offerings? Will they need to own video streaming platforms to become a substantial player and gain new market share -- or should they stay as simple infrastructure providers?

The Revenue Opportunity for Data Centers

The answer to the questions about owning a video streaming platform is simply ‘yes’, as Data Centers expand their offering beyond infrastructure operations, and move into selling valued added services with hosted applications. The most significant advantage of Data Centers compared to current Video Streaming Platforms (PaaS/SaaS) on the market is that they already have available infrastructure and bandwidth to minimize upfront costs and reduce overheads. 

To win in this environment, both Data Centers and Cloud Networks have to gear up for a technology shift. Building a platform via partnering with video streaming platform technology providers such as Ant Media is a great way to start. 

Why is Ant Media the Right Strategic Partner for your Data Center? 

Ant Media is a well-known video streaming platform vendor and technology enabler, providing scalable, Ultra Low Latency (WebRTC) and Low Latency (DASH/CMAF) solutions supported with operational management utilities. There are more than 2,500 Ant Media Servers running worldwide, being used by 250,000 people every day. Last but not the least, Ant Media’s focus is developing the technology for video streaming and empowering Data Centers and Video Platforms, rather than operating a video streaming platform (SaaS/PaaS).





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