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Zixi: View from the Top 2020

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Enabling Broadcast-Quality Live Streaming Over IP

Zixi is currently at the forefront of an IP revolution. The media industry is migrating quickly from hardware-defined to software-defined solutions that leverage IP and hybrid IP networks to transport broadcast-quality live and live linear video through and across its workflows. COVID-19 has greatly accelerated this transformation. In a post COVID-19 survey we recently conducted of top media industry Executives, over 93% believe that the shift to remote IP-based workflows and virtualization of infrastructure will provide new revenue sources and cost saving opportunities. To seamlessly adopt IP networks for the future of live streaming at scale, a software-defined video platform like Zixi is required. 

Broadcast-quality live video monitoring and management with secure and reliable contribution and delivery over IP is the problem the Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is solving for our clients. We do this by bringing together many disparate hardware, software and cloud solutions and replacing them with one integrated platform. 

Zixi’s SDVP is the only live streaming software platform to afford its users the ultimate flexibility to orchestrate and deploy live video streams across ANY protocol, ANY IP network, ANY cloud providers and ANY edge device. Each part of the SDVP (all popular and accepted live video protocols, the video solutions stack, the ZEN Master control plane and the Zixi Enabled Network of several hundred integrated partners and many hundreds of customers) provides unique capabilities, solutions and proven reliability that make our platform unparalleled. 

In our 10-year+ history of delivering live broadcast quality video, we have seen almost every use case and helped many clients scale from simple point-to-point to point-to-multipoint solutions with thousands of channels per customer. As the industry migrates toward the virtualization of live video delivery across IP backbones, the Zixi SDVP will continue to innovate and provide the agility, flexibility, scale, and security with the Quality of Service that professional broadcast requires.

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