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EZDRM: View from the Top 2020

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Securing Live Event Stream Revenues

As the competitive race between streaming services heats up, it is likely that live events—particularly live sports events—will have an increasingly pivotal role to play in the competitive profile of online video. Live sports are certainly the last bastion of the legacy pay-tv world and a dominant part of the revenue model for that industry. Why shouldn’t some of this mojo be effective in spicing up streaming service options and helping accelerate the full transition of consumers away from cable and satellite? 

Leveraging the latest technical and standards advances—with a critical focus on the concerns of service resilience, lowering latency and, without a doubt, service security—should bring this goal within reach. 

Consumers have an especially high expectation for quality and reliability in live coverage. Reliability challenges need to be addressed by the introduction of systematic resiliency into both the contribution and distribution video paths—made significantly easier when considering the use of advanced cloud-based service components. At the same time, addressing live event latency is a very significant initiative that can overcome a remaining fundamental objection from consumers.

And, of course, one must never forget about security for such expensive content assets. It often feels like protection of live streaming services is given less weight than the revenue at stake would seem to warrant. The cost of providing such security is low, and the integration process—using standards such as CPIX or SPEKE—is very straightforward and manageable. To provide a full security envelope for their premium content, operators should engage with a highly scalable, cloud-based multi-DRM service that can bring solution integrity, resilience, and operational simplicity necessary for the live event business.

Of course, the EZDRM team would be happy to help you out with any questions you have on these topics.

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