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DVEO: View from the Top 2020

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Video Streaming has fulfilled its destiny. It has gone mainstream. It has in fact overtaken traditional broadcast, cable, and satellite distribution models. It’s worthwhile to note that video quality no longer matters much since our viewing appliances can fix some minor quality issues and honestly most viewers don’t seem to care about picture quality, what matters now is the infrastructure its stability and flexibility.

As with other mature technologies technological innovation is going to slow down and other criteria will be used to gauge the worthiness of business relationships. The technology has been mastered and "brought to heel". Now we in the industry have to focus on quality of the "delivery". This means we have to "instrument" our networks and focus on QOS and QOE. This means that money will be made by companies focusing on infrastructure reliability and flexibility. We can see what Amazon’s and Akamai’s compelling advantages are. Both are making reliable delivery a key part of their message. Both are minting money. Harmonic and Imagine Communications who were pioneers in super "quality" encoder no longer dominate, and companies like DVEO who create less "perfect" encoders which are now deemed just fine for most operators. What matters now is reliable delivery, good enough quality, and delivery when, where, and how customers want to enjoy their content.

Going forward the focus will be on the transport, and the availability of On Demand video. Furthermore, the nuances like trick play and new AI augmented video experiences where the viewer can view the scene from multiple angles and perhaps participate in virtual reality, will start to play increasingly important roles in streaming. All this will be made possible by the "gobs" of bandwidth that will surround us. Now all we have
to do is move the measuring stick forward and embrace the future.

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