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Twitter Debuts ArtHouse at VidCon, Brings Delight to the Timeline

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“One of our missions is to elevate creativity and content on the platform,” said Stacy Minero, global head of content creation for Twitter, speaking on a fireside chat at VidCon 2019. Minero was there to talk about how brands and creators are working together to create feed-stopping video experiences on the platform.

The day before VidCon began, Twitter introduced Twitter ArtHouse, the platform’s new in-house studio to work with brands. Twitter ArtHouse has contacts in Twitter’s offices around the world, and its team works with outside creatives on brand-sponsored projects. Its goal is bringing more craft to brand video integrations, creating better experiences for the user.

ArtHouse should bring delight to the timeline, Minero said, leading to a more enjoyable Twitter experience.

Twitter has been working with brands for years, and the ArtHouse name is a way of collecting, unifying, and branding services the company has already offered.

During her chat, Minero spoke with Matt Nelson, creator of WeRateDogs, a Twitter account with over 8 million followers. Nelson’s formula is simple but enticing: He views user-submitted dog photos and picks compelling shots to rate. Dogs are rated on a 10-point scale, with every dog getting over a 10. Nelson posts daily or less, unwilling to overwhelm his users’ feeds. Thanks to Twitter, Nelson recently partnered with Disney to promote the live-action Dumbo movie. He launched a contest where owners of long-eared dogs sent in their Dumbo lookalikes. Nelson received over 20,000 submissions, he said.

Also on stage was Alica Herber, an animator who recently created a hand-illustrated video for Wendy’s, where gooey cheese transformed from one shape into another. Her work is painstaking, and she aims to create one video per week, she said.

Anything that taps into passion points—whether that’s sports, entertainment, or celebrity, for example—works on Twitter, Minero said. The platform gives people a way to hold a conversation about a topic, even if those conversations use memes instead of words. “It’s the global sports bar,” she said. With Twitter ArtHouse, brands can find new and arresting ways to join that conversation.

Photo: Stacy Minero on stage at VidCon 2019

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