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Video: Wowza Announces GoCoder SDK App Challenge Winner

Tim Siglin: Welcome back to Almost Live here at Streaming Media West 2016. I'm here with James Jackson from Wowza. This is actually a dual recording because one of these is going out live for you all for GoCoder, and one is going on Almost Live. James, you're announcing today the winner of the GoCoder SDK App Challenge. Tell me a little bit about what that is before you say who the winner is.

James Jackson:
Absolutely. Wowza this year announced the introduction of our GoCoder SDK, something to accelerate the development of your own live streaming mobile app from any Android or iOS device. We announced the challenge at Streaming Media East, and we said we'd announce the winner here at Streaming Media West. Great to be here with you. We had a lot of interest in it. It's a really great thing we're really excited about.

Tim Siglin:
You have a winner, and you have some honorable mentions, if I understand correctly. Do you want to do the honorable mentions first and then the winner, or do you want to go the other way around?

James Jackson:
I think we'll go the other way around. Folks have been waiting for a little bit. As I said, we had a lot of interest, over 200 inquiries in terms of people actually looking at building things with a lot of great innovative submissions. The winner came from a group called Above Rocks, this free app, with a great tagline: Start A Spree. It's a great innovative app. It was the most innovative one that we saw. It literally allows somebody to live stream and combine that with a shopping application.

The way it would work is, somebody who's an influencer can go in and review a product online. Within the application itself, followers of that influencer can go and buy that product directly, from a variety of retailers directly, inside the application. Really innovative solution. As a matter of fact, one of our reviewers almost bought something by accident. It's really that easy to use. Really innovative.

Tim Siglin:
Just real quick on Spree. This holiday season, you're saying somebody could go out and do this live off their phone--review a product in a store and then somebody could turn around and either buy it online or come to the store and buy it?

James Jackson: Absolutely. They could do that immediately right there on the spot. It really enables a few different things. It's multilevel enablement for customer enablement, which we thought was great. One, you enable the retailers, really enabled to get that product out there. Two, you enable the shoppers by a combined buying experience. In addition to that, it also provides an additional revenue stream for Influencers. Their followers that actually buy things actually get a commission based upon this application.

Tim Siglin:
Interesting. Sort of like an Amazon Associates model. Spree from Above Rocks is the winner. Who are the honorable mentions?

James Jackson:
We had a couple great honorable mentions. One, Oxagile, submitted one called the Challenge app. In which case they used GoCoder SDK to integrate the Unity engine. Game developers can go right in there and develop within their games on the engine and integrate AR, VR, 360 streaming right inside of their application. Very easy. Very seamlessly. To really accelerate their development lifecycle. We thought that was a really great one too.

Tim Siglin:
Do you have other honorable mentions?

James Jackson:
Yeah, a couple other great ones. One in particular, a company beBee, they have a social affinity-based professional networking app. Very similar to the other networking social sites you see. They do affinity-based, based upon likes and memberships and people that are actually following at any point in time. They integrated with Wowza GoCoder SDK so that somebody could issue what they called a "Live Buzz." At any point in time, people that you're connected with the same affinity groups, you show "Live Buzz" and you can stream with them right in your social networking engine. Right there on the spot. Really great systems that we saw there. Really great entries. Really excited about them. Really some innovative things that we honestly never would have thought of ourselves.

Tim Siglin:
Fantastic. Thish as been Almost Live here at Stream Media West 2016. In the case of GoCoder, it's actually live.

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