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Accenture Report Shows 3 Ways Broadcasters Can Win With OTT

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Should broadcasters cannibalize their own businesses or wait for others to eat away at their subscriber base? Faced with those options, broadcasters are risking cannibalization.

Technology services company Accenture has released its fifth annual report on the future of broadcasting, and one of the issues it examines is the difficulty over-the-top services pose to traditional pay TV operators. With competing services multiplying and consumers hungry for streaming video, broadcasters are facing down their fears of cannibalizing their existing businesses.

Accenture's Shareholder Value Analysis points to three value creation opportunities for broadcasters in this new media landscape. First, Accenture says that service is now a key differentiator, and broadcasters should create a range of heavily tailored offerings at various price levels. Dish's Sling TV has almost 250,000 subscribers, the report notes, and Sky's Now TV has 1 million.

Second, broadcasters need to take a note from Netflix and dive into their data. Researching viewer data should be the basis of all content creation and programming decisions. "A siloed approach to analytics will not lead to an improved return on content

investments. Only a tightly integrated analytics strategy, driven by coordinating content strategy, viewing recommendations for users, and audience measurement, will boost the returns on content investments while also building customer satisfaction and brand loyalty," the report says.

Finally, broadcasters have what Accenture calls a broadcast advantage. It found that a greater number of survey respondents trust broadcasters to deliver quality service (31 percent). Additionally, consumers prefer to get digital services from one provider rather than several. Broadcasters should use this advantage when competing against native digital services.

For more, view the full report (no registration required).

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