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Ooyala Debuts Flex, a Logistics Solution for Video Production

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Addressing the needs of premium video creators working with splintered legacy workflows, Ooyala is introducing Flex, a logistics solution created to tie various editing tools together and shepherd files through the production process.

If this sounds familiar, that's because it was previously known as MioEverywhere, a logistics solution from Nativ. Ooyala acquired Nativ in June 2015, and the rebranded Ooyala Flex is now part of Ooyala's product suite.

Ooyala is hoping Flex finds a home with traditional production teams adapting to the new challenges of over-the-top delivery. With historically siloed teams now forced to work together, Ooyala Flex is the glue that can join them, notes IHS principal analyst Przemek Bozek. He adds that Flex's features make it more than a traditional media asset management solution.

Through plug-ins, Flex is able to work with premium production tools such as Adobe Premiere and Prelude, and it integrates with transcoding, quality control, and archiving tools from Amberfin, Amazon Web Services, Elemental, Harmonic, and Telestream, among others. When project files are routed from one team to another, Flex carries associated comments and metadata.

“Content needs to be created and distributed as quickly as possible. However, because so many broadcasters, publishers, and production companies rely on disconnected technologies, the workflow for video production is overly complicated and riddled with inefficiencies and redundancies," says Bel Lepe, Ooyala co-founder and senior vice president of products and solutions. "Ooyala Flex gives the control back to content producers to connect siloed teams and technologies, automate workflows, and provide data-based visibility into every touch point of an asset throughout the video production process."

The Ooyala Flex distribution interface

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