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Kaltura Offers Universal DRM Solution for Multi-Platform Playback

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As Google is ending Chrome support for NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) this month, Kaltura saw that it's customers with large Silverlight video libraries were scrambling for a solution. That's why Kaltura today announced its Universal DRM solution. Kaltura customers can continue to stream Silverlight as before, and the HTML5 video player will detect what browser is being used and will translate the DRM to one that will work. The solution is intended as a bridge, so that content owners don't need to immediately port large Silverlight libraries.

What those content owners will eventually want to do, Kaltura says, is move to DASH and Common Encryption (CENC), for a video standard that's free of plug-ins. Kaltura has partnered with Castlabs to create the Universal DRM solution, with will give customers time to move to DASH and CENC.

To use the DRM solution, Kaltura customers will need to set up their accounts to use the connector, which will translate the older DRM to new options. It should be a quick process.

Moving ahead, Kaltura sees the DRM market becoming more standardized, which should help it compete with companies offering proprietary DRM technologies.

“With Kaltura’s modular DRM solution, content providers can make a smooth transition to the new digital ecosystem. This is yet another example of how Kaltura’s flexible, future-proof technology continues to evolve,” says Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura chairman and CEO.

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