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NBCU to Talk Super Bowl, Disney Streaming to Talk Multi-CDN at Content Delivery Summit

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Finally we can meet again in person at industry events! If you've already been back "out there," you know what a great experience it is to be back to normal and be reminded of what we've missed the last two years. And as you probably know, Streaming Media East is coming to Boston in May, and that means the Content Delivery Summit is also back in person, on Monday, May 23. As the new chair of the Content Delivery Summit, I'm excited to talk face-to-face with people about the latest trends and advances in content delivery. It's been far too long!

I've taken over as chair from Dom Robinson, who did a terrific job of building the Content Delivery Summit into a one-of-a-kind event, and I'm honored to be moving it forward. It will be more video-focused than ever before, and will feature keynotes, fireside chats, and of course the famous VIP Mixer (in collaboration with Streaming Media East) at the end of the day.

We have an incredible lineup of speakers, but I want to highlight a few. Dana Wilson, senior vice president of operations, direct-to-consumer, at NBCUniversal will break down the numbers and the importance of streaming Super Bowl LVI, and Disney Streaming video delivery architect Pankaj Chaudhari will talk about the pros and cons of using a multi-CDN approach. At the end of the day, Paramount's Sean McCarthy will help attendees understand the secrets of a good origin.

Speakers from Akamai, Fastly, Oracle, Nokia, Harmonic, Red5 Pro, Phenix, Netskrt and others make sure you'll get the insights, experiences, and best practices from the front lines.

And while the event will be in-person, we will offer the ability to attend the first half of the day virtually. Content Delivery Summit has become a truly international gathering, and we want to make sure that attendance isn't limited by time zones. Watch for more information about registering for the virtual portion soon. 

The full agenda is online, but here's a list of the session titles:

  • The Future of Content Delivery
  • The Super Bowl LVI - The OTT Breakthrough?
  • Why the Edge Matters for Media Delivery
  • The Green CDN - Fact or Fiction?
  • The State of Open Caching
  • Preparing for the Peak
  • Low Latency - How Low Should We Go?
  • The Benefits and Dangers of Multi-CDN
  • Data Overload - How To Capture the Right Data to Get the Right Insights
  • Beyond the Theory of Decentralized, Blockchain and Crypto CDN
  • Content Delivery - More than Just Media
  • The Secret of a Good Origin 

You can register now to attend in person, and if you sign up by April 22, you'll get the early bird rates for both a Content Delivery Pass and an all-access pass which includes Streaming Media East and Streaming Media University Workshops.

[Above image: The 2019 Content Delivery Summit]

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