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Xbox Live Gains Comcast, HBO Go, and MLB.TV

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Microsoft announced a significant expansion of streaming content for Xbox owners today. Beginning today, those with an Xbox Live Gold member subscription who also subscribe to Comcast Xfinity TV and Internet service, HBO, or MLB.TV will be able to access Xfinity, HBO Go, or MLB.TV content through their game consoles.

Each service works with the Xbox Kinect motion activation system, as well. Kinect owners can wave a hand to select Xfinity programs, use voice search on the HBO catalog, and pause and rewind live MLB games using voice and motion controls.

The MLB.TV service promises personalization services unique to the Xbox 360, such as the ability to jump between a game and the mini program guide, or to use split screen to view two games at a time.

Microsoft made the announcement earlier today through its Major Nelson blog.

In a milestone, the Los Angeles Times revealed that the Xbox 360 is now used more for watching movies and television shows and listening to music than playing online video games.

The paper points out that Xbox households average 84 hours each month playing games, watching videos, and listening to music through the Xbox Live online service. 

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