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Wowza Survey: Viewers Expect High-Quality Video on Any Device

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Wowza employees took on an extra job at this year's NAB conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, conducting a survey on online video expectations. The survey sample is pretty small -- 215 -- and those questioned were industry professionals at the conference, so take it for what it's worth.

According to Wowza's results, 68 percent of those surveyed used four or more connected devices each day and expect to have access to high-quality video streams on all of them. Three-quarters of respondents view video on a personal device every day, and 41 percent prefer to watch video on a television but still watch video on multiple devices.

Online video isn't just for entertainment, says Wowza: 85 percent of respondents use it for business, and over 80 percent say that live and on-demand video is crucial for their companies. The use of online video across the enterprise has recently made a sizable jump, Wowza notes.

Wowza says that companies that want to inform and engage their consumers need to stream high-quality video to all devices. It adds that nearly 90 percent of respondents expect fast video access on any device, and over 70 percent expect consistent video quality on every device at any time.

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