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With Playground, Watchitoo Creates a Video Hangout for Businesses

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Videochat company Watchitoo has taken the best features of a Google Plus Hangout and given them the business treatment. Today, the company launched Playground, a videochat platform that lets up to 25 attendees meet and share files. There's nothing to download, so getting started should be especially quick.

Playground is cloud-based and offers high-definition video for chats. Participants can share a wide range of files with each other, including documents, presentations, videos, and images.

Watchitoo is pitching Playground as a cost-effective way to hold meetings for sales presentations, training, recruiting, or consultations.

Those interested can get started by visiting www.plground.com (apparently the correctly spelled URL wasn't for sale) and buying a paid plan for $3.80 per month. Watchitoo also offers a free version with limited features. Besides selling it directly, Watchitoo is letting ISPs sell Playground as a value-added service with voice, video, and internet plans, and is letting customer support applications bundle it into their software for live chats with service agents.

While Playground is targeted to small and medium-sized businesses, letting them hold face-to-face calls without leaving their workplace, Watchitoo suggests it could find a home in health care (patient consultations), financial services (providing personal advice to clients), and education (creating instant study groups), as well.

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