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ViperWolf Launches Site for Online HTML5 Conversion

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The people behind ViperWolf, an HTML5 video player with a Flash fallback, recently debuted HTML5 Converter, an online tool for converting video to Ogg Theora, H.264, and WebM.

For now, the Mumbai, India-based site is offering free video conversions. Users need to create an account, and can then upload their videos and schedule times for conversions. A table lets users see the status of the files they've uploaded.

When the service has finished converting a video, it creates a Zip file containing all three new versions. Users need to download the Zip file in 24 hours or it will be deleted.

"Flash is dead and HTML5 videos are the future," declares the company's press release. That may be a bit premature. With Ogg Theora holding only a slim percentage of HTML5 video views and WebM losing ground, it's uncertain that many video providers would want to store all three HTML5 formats when they could bet on H.264.

The company says that its online service is an alternative to hosted services that take ownership of uploaded videos or desktop clients that involve "extensive manual work."

If anyone has tried HTML5 Converter and can comment on its ease or video quality, please leave a comment below.

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