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Use of Video in Influencer Marketing Up 2x, Says RhythmOne Report

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Influencer marketing is increasingly making use of online video, as least according to RhythmOne's benchmark report for 2018. RhythmOne is a London-based digital ad company, and its new report analyzes 67 U.S.-based campaigns it ran in 2018. Those campaigns created 139 videos in 2018, twice the amount from 2017. Breaking that down, 28.4% of those campaigns created short-form videos (under 60 seconds) which appeared primarily on the influencers' Instagram accounts. Also, 23.9% of the campaigns created long-form videos (over 60 seconds) which primarily ran on YouTube. Overall, 35.8% of the campaigns used video.

News 2While video is still a small part of influencer marketing, RhythmOne believes it should be used more often.

"Videos go above and beyond text and imagery and can effectively immerse viewers with branded content," the report notes. "Whether short- or long-form, the video content that influencers produce on behalf of brands is inherently social—and videos enable influencers to promote brands in a unique voice. This unique voice helps to promote authenticity and drive engagement among consumers."

TikTok is becoming an important video marketing platform, the report notes, especially for reaching high school and college students. Influencers create short videos for the platform that are often 15 seconds long, sharing with their network or using hashtags to share publicly.

Download the full report for free for more data on influencer marketing (registration required).

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