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Sightly Offers Personalized Video Ads for Local Markets

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Video ad technology company Sightly is know for helping advertisers reach local shoppers, and now Sightly is upping that level of customization with personalized video ads. Currently in beta, the company's TargetView technology lets brands deliver tailored ads to viewers on any device.

TargetView technology, according to Sightly CEO and founder John McIntyre, lets brands serve personalized video ads to "micro-targeted audiences in hyper-local areas." He claims this level of relevancy will disrupt the video advertising industry, and says the technology will free advertisers from figuring out how to reach audiences and let them focus on the creative message.

This technology lets advertisers reach the right audience on the right device, the company says, creating and running hundreds of localized, personalized campaigns. Further, TargetView gathers data throughout the campaign that lets it automatically optimize for better engagement, Sightly says.

Sightly's video ads display on YouTube, the Google Display Network, and others. Sightly is a Google partner and a YouTube Certified company.

Since the service is still in beta, brands that want to try it will need to request a demonstration and apply to be included in the beta program.

Sightly is a private, venture-backed company. It's based in San Diego, California.

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