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Rentrak Introduces Rubik, Links Ad Viewing to Product Purchases

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Figuring out the effectiveness of video advertising is a puzzle for many marketers and advertisers. How many new product sales does a given campaign lead to? To solve that problem, the audience measurement specialists at Rentrak have created Rubik, an analytics platform that links ad exposure to product use and purchases.

According to Rentrak, Rubik uses the company's advanced demographics which include deep TV viewing and product purchase information. With it, clients can combine demographic segments to create a portrait of their target consumer, then view custom reach and frequency data.

It's no coincidence that Rubik shares its name with the famous cube.

"Rubik is the ultimate tool for optimized planning and TV buying at a national level," says Bill Livek, Rentrak's vice chairman and chief executive officer. "Do you remember playing for hours and weeks on end as a child with the Rubik's Cube? I remember being amazed by its complexity and, yet, its simplicity. Our new analytics platform has taken something very complex—TV viewing merged with the products viewers buy, how they vote, and the cars they drive—and made it simple. Think about a cube, not with nine boxes on a side, but with an endless number on each side. Rubik allows clients to perform complex analytics that help unlock the value of television programming and advertising content with viewers as the target."

Rubik is already being used by 10 national networks and an agency holding company.

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