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Rdio Expands with Vdio, an On-Demand Video Store

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Online music service Rdio is expanding to unexpected territory: video. Rdio announced yesterday the debut of -- what else? -- Vdio, an online video store. Vdio is a little different from Rdio, in that it will sell and rent titles, not offer subscription packages, like Rdio does.

Vdio embraces social networking, in that users can create sets of recommended titles, and shoppers can see what their friends recommend. Sets at launch include series finales, holiday films, and IMDB top 100 titles. Whether or not a person finds that helpful depends on how many friends he or she has, and if they have similar tastes in movies and TV shows.

In the announcement, the team behind Vdio emphasized the new titles available -- such as Skyfall, Life of Pi, Zero Dark Thirty, The Hobbit, and The Walking Dead -- but didn't mention how many titles the new store has. It has content from all the major studios, though.

For now, access to the store is limited to those with Rdio Unlimited subscriptions ($9.99 per month). Those subscribers get a $25 credit to use on Vdio, which will be true for new subscribers, as well, for the next 60 days. Vdio is accessible through the desktop and through an iPad app. Expect other platforms to follow shortly. The company has also announced plans to expand to Canada in the near future.

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