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Qoof Adds Interactive Apps to Video Ads

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Engage viewers while they watch ads, says Qoof, which is launching an in-video advertising app platform today.

Qoof is an online video advertising company dedicated to creating richer video advertising. With this new platform, advertisers can place custom apps into their videos, which will display across third-party players.

To help advertisers get started, Qoof has a library of apps to choose from. Clients can add photo viewers, customer reviews, product and pricing information, store availability, and in-player checkout apps.

Advertisers are also free to create custom apps for insertion, and create whatever kind of survey or customer relation apps they need.

Clients will get independent reporting measure for each app, so that they can see clearly which ones are performing well and which aren't. The analytics tools also allow for testing, so advertisers can chart the performance of different ad versions.

"As online video usage continues to grow at a rapid pace, retailers are increasingly seeking ways to quickly and easily leverage its power to enhance the shopping experience," says Jonathan Stefansky, CEO of Qoof. "Until now, there hasn't been a single solution to help them distribute and monetize their video content. With the Qoof platform, they can now benefit from direct response tools through every online channel with just one simple upload."

You can get a feel for the apps on this Qoof page. Note that apps are called widgets here; Qoof needs to update the page.

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