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Ooyala Report: Live Video Keeps Viewers Watching Longer

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Just in time for NAB, Ooyala has released a special edition of its quarterly Global Video Index. This time, the online video platform is looking into what type of content keep viewers engaged the longest. The answer is live video.

Comparing viewing sessions for short-form video-on-demand (VOD), long-form VOD, and live video, Ooyala finds that live video viewers watch for two-and-a-half times longer than long-form viewers (and the long-form duration is quite a bit longer than the time for the fickle short-form viewers).

Ooyala also looked into when people watch online content. For online broadcast content, the viewing spikes are at noon on weekdays and 9PM on weekends. For tablet-viewing online, the peak times are weekends: tablet owners watch twice the broadcast video on weekends that they watch during the week.

Long-form online video is taking off, notes Ooyala, even for mobile. The report finds that more than three-quarters of mobile viewing time was from content longer than ten minutes. Tablet owners watched videos at least 30 minutes long almost half the time.

The report uses anonymized data from Ooyla video viewers in March 2013. It's available for free download (registration required).

Ooyala will be at the NAB conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, showing off content discovery technology intended to keep viewers engaged.

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