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NAB Report: Brevity Launches V3 for Transcoding, Transport

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One company hoping to make a splash at NAB is Brevity, a New York City-based startup that is today announcing the imminent arrival of its first product, Brevity V3. Combining hardware, online services, and proprietary algorithms, V3 simultaneously transcodes and transmits high-resolution video files, shaving hours off delivery time and ensuring that the files are in the correct format when they get where they're going.

The Brevity team is making big claims for its technology, saying V3 can compress files up to 30x from their original size, transcoding files as they stream, then rebuilding them on the other end. The system involves V3 hardware, shown below, which needs to be in place on both the sending and receiving end. The interface is cloud-based.

Brevity V3 includes GPU processing to drive all that encoding. The system relies on two core algorithms called Data Warp and Image Warp. Data Warp is completely lossless, while Image Warp is visually lossless. Data Warp produces larger files and is meant for masters. It can compress a file to up to one-third of its size.

V3 isn't only usable for one-to-one transmission: it can send a file to multiple locations, transcoding to a different format for each, all without slowing transmission speeds. The system supports hundreds of formats already, and will add more as requested by customers.

Brevity V3 has been in development for three years. While much of the information about the system and the V3 release is already on the Brevity website, what's new is the release date. Brevity V3 will be available to customers in the second quarter of this year.

"Our goal has been to enable anyone who works with large volumes of media to work smarter, faster, and more intuitively than ever before," says Jake Bronstein, co-founder and CEO of Brevity. "Our clients have achieved massive acceleration in transfer speeds with no compromise to image quality and they've also eliminated hours of additional time that would've been spent transcoding files."

Brevity is currently on display at NAB booth SL13316. It's also being used in the NEP production truck located in the outdoor area between the North and South Hall.

Brevity V3

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