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NAB 2015: NewTek Announces Advanced Edition TriCaster Software

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For TriCaster users who want to make production easier and add new effects to their work, NewTek unveiled its TriCaster Advanced Edition software today at the NAB conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. A $1,495 upgrade, Advanced edition adds 60 new features and works with TriCaster 8000, 860, 460, 410, and Mini models.

Highlights of Advanced Edition include the ability to automate real-time data-driven graphics, stream to multiple platforms simultaneously, and automate repetitive tasks.

Out of all the new features, the new Chrome plug-in could be the most useful to producers, says Will Waters, senior video specialist with NewTek. With the Chrome plug-in, producers can send any content from a Chrome browser on any platform to the live production. In an interview, Waters demonstrated how a tweet from a Twitter account can be added as an on-screen element in just a few clicks.

TriCaster users should also appreciate the new DataLink feature that turns raw data from external sources into production-ready graphics, the augmented reality tool for creating virtual sets, the new streaming options, and the completely rebuilt encoding and streaming engine that can deliver streams to multiple sources at the same time.

"TriCaster Advanced Edition is the culmination of 10 years of TriCaster development," Waters said.

Advanced Edition uses familiar TriCaster production elements, but producers should still plan on taking time to learn the new tools before going live.

"Any current TriCaster user who's familiar with TriCaster will see the value in TriCaster Advanced Edition," Waters said. "There is somewhat of a learning curve: We have 30 pages of new and advanced features, so to get the full breadth of all of that may require some time."

See all the Advanced Edition features in NewTek's press release


Advanced Edition's Chrome plug-in makes it easy to send content from a Chrome browser to a production screen.

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