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Mobile Video Streaming Is Rising Fast, Says 2011 H1 Report

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We're watching more video away from our computers - a lot more. That's one of the findings of the H1 2011 Allot Mobile Trends Report, which found a 93 percent increase in mobile video streaming during the first half of the year, accounting for 39 percent of all mobile bandwidth. That makes video the largest single user of mobile bandwidth. Allot Communications provides service optimization and revenue creation solutions, and these figures come from data collected from its worldwide mobile operator customers.

Surprisingly, mobile video wasn't the fastest growing category during the first half of the year. That honor went to the VoIP and IM category, which grew by 101 percent. Because of the rise of services like Skype and Viper, SMS and MMS services are showing a decline in revenue. 

Where are people viewing their mobile video? YouTube, of course. The report found that YouTube is the most popular mobile video destination. It accounts for 22 percent of all mobile data bandwidth and 52 percent of total video streaming.

As a result of mobile video's rise, unlimited data plans are going away. Allot found that 51 percent of operators no longer offer unlimited data plans. What effect that will have on the future of mobile video remains to be seen.

Those interested can download the full H1 mobile trends report (registration required).

The rise of mobile video was also documented by a report from music video site Vevo, which says that mobile is the fastest growing segment of the Vevo platform. Vevo says that 79 percent of its mobile app use occurs between 6PM and 12AM, and that 30 percent of its mobile users are between 13 and 24 years of age.

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