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Long-Form Rules: Long Video Now Leads on Every Size Screen

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For the first time, viewers now spend more time watching long-from video on every device, including mobile. Previously, short-form content was more popular on mobile devices, while TV and desktop streamers preferred long-from. That has changed, announces the Ooyala Q1 2017 Video Trends Index.

Defining long-form video as any over 20 minutes in length, Ooyala says 98 percent of connected TV viewing time is long-form (up from 83 percent the previous year), 81 percent of tablet time (up from 51 percent), 65 percent of computer time (up from 35 percent), and 55 percent of phone time (up from 26 percent).

Ooyala attributes this to the growing amount of premium content that video services now stream to any device. Other contributing factors are that nearly three-quarters of Americans call themselves binge-watchers, and young people spend over half of their viewing time with a device other than a TV.

"While the big screen may be the screen of choice—sometimes—it’s no longer guaranteed to be the center of attention," the report says.

Short-form video still has one thing going for it, though: It has the highest chance of being watched all the way through.

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