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Live-Streaming Technology Trends 2023 Survey Brief Launches

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Building on interest from a recent Streaming Media Connect research keynote on live-streaming growth in a variety of market verticals, today’s launch of the Live-Streaming Technology Trends 2023 brief details key considerations in live-streaming content production and delivery.

Sponsored by Softvelum, the company behind Larix Broadcaster and Nimble Streamer, survey respondents hailed from across the globe, from industries as diverse as broadcasting, education, entertainment, financial services and houses of worship. Questions crafted by the Help Me Stream Research Foundation team covered topics around bandwidth, codecs, latency expectations and business challenges.

For instance, responses on the topic of latency, a growing concern for live-streaming delivery that requires a level of interactivity, were split between those who wanted the ultra-low-latencies of bandwidth and those who see two seconds of latency as perfectly acceptable.

“As we've asked this question across several surveys, we often get the same bifurcation,” noted Tim Siglin, survey author and founding executive director of Help Me Stream Research Foundation, “with about half the people indicating latency expectations under a second. That leaves a large group of respondents who state they’re comfortable with two seconds or even more than two seconds of latency, yet we’ve seen several consistently valid reasons for the choices made by each group of respondents.”

When it comes to codecs, both audio and video, used for live-streaming acquisition and delivery, respondents indicated a wide range of codecs are in use, but when it came to the question of which codec a respondent’s organization primarily used, the list of codecs narrowed considerably.

Organizational business challenges ranged from concerns around the balance of capital expenditures and operational costs, with many respondents ranking those as their top concerns. But there were also concerns about revenue growth, generating original content—an issue facing the live-streaming segment of the industry more acutely than it does the video-on-demand (VoD) segment of the industry—and securing content.

Speaking of security, the new Live-Streaming Technology Trends 2023 brief also covers both current-state and aspirational security approaches to protecting live-streaming content.

“Content owners and distributors often must choose how much they can afford spending on that protection, said sponsor Softvelum’s Yury Udovichenko in the recent keynote. ”Many of these are affordable approaches that can easily be implemented and can definitely make the life of content hijackers much harder.”


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