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JW Player Opens Live Streaming to All Enterprise Customers

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In an expansion of its live streaming service, video player and platform company JW Player announced today that all enterprise platform customers have access to the option with no additional fees and no setup required.

JW Player first announced its live streaming solution in November 2016, marketing it to brands and publishers. Going live requires only four steps, emphasizes company co-founder Jeroen Wijering, and publishers can monitor analytics in real-time. Faster analytics including a live viewer count is a new addition to the solution. Completed live sessions are automatically stored for on-demand viewing.

JW Player's live video can now stream to five platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Periscope, and YouTube.

"Expanding JW Live and making it available to all our enterprise customers without additional platform fees helps our publishing and broadcast partners innovate and figure out how live streaming best fits into their business model," says Bill Day, JW Player's COO. "It’s also providing them a path towards monetizing live streaming on their O&O site without handing over audience or revenue to the large aggregators.”

As a case study, JW Player notes that do-it-yourselfer TV show This Old House has been creating one-minute live videos with its hosts. Viewers who watch the live streams and the show's subscription video-on-demand service stream 10 percent more video than other viewers. The show credits JW Player's live functionality with boosting viewer engagement and overall return on investment, says Michael Gurkowski, chief digital officer for This Old House Ventures.

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