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JW Player Launches Live Solution, Promises Ease for Publishers
JW Live, the company's cloud-based live video solution, transcodes video into multiple bitrates and resolutions, while offering real-time viewer data.

Streaming with Facebook Live and YouTube Live is simple, JW Player knows, and that's the model it tries to match with JW Live, the live video solution launching today. According to the video player and platform company, JW Live is cloud-based, easy to integrate, and enterprise-grade.

By using the JW Live dashboard, JW Player promises that brands and publishers can stream live video in minutes. There's no time commitment or technical expertise needed, it says.

Product features include single RTMP publishing endpoints that can be simulcast anywhere (and include cloud encoding to HLS); real-time analytics that detail size, engagement, device, and country; integration with the JW Player platform; automatic event archiving for on-demand playback; and transcoding that offers HD support along with live streaming in multiple resolutions and bitrates.

Going live also gives publishers a way to increase their video inventory and increase monetization.

“The ability to monetize live streaming without handing over audience or revenue streams to aggregators is new and exciting for both brands and marketers seeking more innovative ways to capture consumer time,” says Chris Mahl, president and chief revenue officer at JW Player. “JW Live provides publishers an engaging and thrilling opportunity to create, deliver, and monetize their live content.”

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