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Harmonic Offers Transcoding Presets for Netflix

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Content owners distributing video to Netflix now have a simple transcoding option with Harmonic. The video infrastructure company announced today that its ProMedia Carbon file-based transcoder now includes presets that transcode audio and video into Netflix-optimized content.

Harmonic collaborated with Netflix on the offering, which promises easier workflows for its partners.

"With its ability to store and recall parameters that assure transcoded content meets our stringent quality standards, Harmonic's ProMedia Carbon plays a significant role in the digital supply chains of our content and services partners," says Christopher Fetner, director of content partner operations at Netflix. "Collaborating with Harmonic on the new transcoding presets for ProMedia Carbon, we're able to ensure content operators have greater ease when delivering to Netflix."

The Netflix-specific presets create standard- and high-definition files and MPEG-2 I-Frame files at a variety of frame rates. The presets also create stereo and 5.1 surround sound audio.

"ProMedia Carbon is one of the most ubiquitous transcoders on the market today," says Yoav Derazon, director of product management for cloud services and transcoding at Harmonic. "Leveraging our new predefined transcoding presets, new and existing ProMedia Carbon users can instantly create a consistent baseline format optimized for Netflix."

In March, Harmonic launched ProMedia Carbon MP, a professional cloud-based transcoding service available from the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

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