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Haivision Releases Viper 1.1, Introduces Viper VF

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Video streaming and encoding company Haivision released a new version of its Viper appliance today, version 1.1. Viper is used by institutions to record, stream, and publish events that require two high-definition streams, such as a lecture that combines a video of the instructor plus a presentation.

The biggest change to this release is the introduction of Viper VF, a companion to the company's Furnace IP video distribution system. Furnace gives institutions the ability to record video streams from multiple rooms, then combine all the assets in a central video-on-demand system. Viper VF is a satellite solution that can record content, then deliver it to its Furnace host. The idea is to off-load recording functions from the Furnace's video system.

Viper VF is able to send recordings to Furnace automatically, and can also stream live video to Furnace. It can also work independently when not connected to its Furnace host, storing materials until it connects. Organizations can use multiple Viper VF devices with a single Furnace.

Other revisions to Viper 1.1 include the ability to configure a video recording or streaming session into a single- or dual-mode format, and the ability to select a single source for streaming or recording from the Viper activity screen.

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