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Digiboo Provides Travelers With Movies in Only a Minute

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Flying is more enjoyable with a movie to watch. A new company called Digiboo has launched with the goal of letting travelers download a pre-flight movie in only a minute.

Digiboo debuted this week with 100 kiosks around the United States. Many are in airports, but others are on college campuses and in retail locations such as restaurants. The company plans to have over 2,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada by the middle of next year.

So far, Kiosks only work with iOS devices. Customers download the Digiboo app, connect to the Digiboo hotspot, and select a movie. New releases rent for $4.99 and older titles for $3.99. The kiosk's high-speed network should let customers download a 1GB file in about a minute.

Digiboo will expand its availability so customers can use Android devices and computers, as well. Android access should be available before September.

Several airlines now offer in-flight Wi-Fi that lets travelers stream movies to their mobile devices. Digiboo notes that its system holds a few advantages over that: Digiboo movies are available for 30 days unwatched, and for 48 hours after playback begins, so access doesn't end when the flight ends. Also, Digiboo's catalog is far larger. It currently offers over 600 titles.

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