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CES Report: Veygo Plans Personalization Engine for OTT Services

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Veygo makes it easy for rights-holders to launch Netflix-style over-the-top subscription video services, and soon it will make offering personalized recommendations easy, as well.

Veygo is a French company that provides the infrastructure that companies need when launching subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) offerings. So far, the company has completed projects in Europe and the Middle East, with work underway for new customers in Asia. The company's CEO, Jean-Christophe Perier, is at International CES 2015 to talk to prospective partners.

"Everybody's talking about OTT, but nobody knows if they'll be able to make money from it," Perier says. Veygo helps reduce upfront cost and complexity, so customers can focus on negotiating rights and marketing their products.

By June, Veygo should have a few new tools to offer its customers. It's working on a personalization engine that can analyze customer behavior in real-time. If customers opt-in to the system, it will analyze not only their viewing habits, but their social networks and their friends' social networks, as well, creating unique social recommendations for each viewer.

"Personalization is key," says Perier.

By June, Perier also plans to offer a customer satisfaction tool, letting customers know how their subscribers feel about their service. The technology will look at social network feedback as well as viewing habits such as continuously restarting a video or stopping a video.

Veygo has an even bigger feature planned for the end of the year. Its upcoming predictive engine will let customers know what content subscribers most enjoy, which will come in handy when negotiating rights. The predictive engine will also look at service quality and let customers know what bandwidth they'll need to meet demand.

Besides that, Veygo will continue to help rollout new SVOD services around the globe, including one coming soon to Indonesia. Perier couldn't speak about that, however, as the service hasn't yet been announced. 

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