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CDN Fastly Announces Streaming Media Service

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The content delivery network (CDN) Fastly may be new to many in the online video world, but it aims to change that with the addition of Streaming Media Service. Fastly now offers live video, video-on-demand, transcoding, and packaging services. It claims that customers can self-provision a live video feed in under 15 minutes.

Fastly is built on the Varnish open source HTTP accelerator, and enjoys support in the developer community. It notes that it can accelerate sites and cloud applications for both desktop and mobile viewers. The Streaming Media Service uses a new streaming model that is optimized to work with small objects and deliver a better experience for viewers on mobile devices. It supports HLS, HDS, and MPEG-DASH. The company adds that the Streaming Media Service handles over 125 days of video traffic each minute, providing a better than 97 percent hit rate for tens of thousands of simultaneous connections.

“Customer experience begins with fast content delivery,” says Artur Bergman, Fastly's founder and CEO. “At Fastly, we are determined to deliver the fastest, most reliable experience in the CDN market today, allowing companies to cache-deliver anything within microseconds.”

Fastly customers include Twitter, Github, The Guardian, Foursquare, and Wistia. The company announced a $10 million Series B financing round in June of this year, working with August Capital.

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