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BrightRoll and Equinix Partner on Real-Time Bidding Service

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Video advertising company BrightRoll and data center company Equinix are collaborating on a low-latency real-time bidding service called VideoRTB+. The idea is that by lowering latency, ad buyers are able to respond to more bid requests in a given time limit. The two companies say that with their system bidders will have more time to review, analyze, and bid on ad inventory, which in turn will lead to better performance for advertisers.

VideoRTB+ is only available in Equinix data centers: it's exclusive to BrightRoll Exchange (BRX) customers working in Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers. At the start, it works on Equinix's Silicon Valley and Ashburn data centers. Equinix plans to expand the service internationally across its platform, but isn't giving a timeframe.

Noting the current shift to programmatic buying and real-time bidding for online video ads, BrightRoll senior vice president of engineering Christopher Amen-Kroeger says that his company is building the technology needed to address those changes. Speed is essential, he says, and VideoRTB+ gives customers a competitive edge. Forrester predicts that real-time bidding for online video ads will grow by 70 percent in 2013, BrightRoll points out.

BrightRoll is currently hosting the BrightRoll Video Summit in New York City, where attendees are hearing more about the low-latency service.

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