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Bingie Spotlights Word-of-Mouth Streaming Recommendations

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Bingie, a new social recommendation platform to discover, discuss and share what to watch next, today announced its launch in the iOS App Store. Bingie is designed to improve and streamline the process of show and movie recommendations by placing a larger emphasis on trusted suggestions from friends and family and creating a dedicated environment for debates and conversations. Bingie delivers a seamless experience aggregating shows and movies from a variety of streaming services and networks including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV, HBO, and Vudu among others.

"We created Bingie to give people the ultimate entertainment recommendation app that is primarily conversation-focused and built for the user," said Joey Lane, CEO of Bingie. "There are so many services and algorithms throwing recommendations at you, but when it comes down to it, we trust those closest to us to actually give us worthwhile show and movie suggestions. The sharing of shows and movies, the commenting, the debate, the opinions, the back and forth—that’s where the magic of Bingie is."

In a study on entertainment and streaming habits, Bingie found that 64% of people prefer recommendations from friends and family over direct suggestions from streaming services, social media posts, or ads. The team also found that 40% of participants default to browsing what is trending when deciding what to watch, but do not have a hub to browse all streaming services at once. Bingie aims to decrease the amount of time wasted searching for content and irrelevant recommendations from algorithms, and instead replace them with trusted suggestions and ongoing conversations. 

Co-created by the award-winning creative agency Wonderful, Bingie is designed with functionality and ease of use at the top of mind for its community. Initial key features of the app include:

  • Search: Easily find content across virtually all streaming services and networks

  • Share Recommendations: Through a uniquely streamlined proprietary feature, you can invite friends to join Bingie, share a recommendation, and begin a chat with them all in one Magic Friend link that doesn’t need special access to your phone contacts

  • Create Conversations: Once you share a recommendation, an internal group chat is automatically created based on the show or movie, and you and your friends can share thoughts and opinions in real-time in the app

  • Watchlist: Every time a friend recommends shows and movies to you, they appear in your watchlist so you know what to watch next — no more losing that list of shows to watch on your phone

"We have helped other startups design and build apps and products that have received over $150M in funding, and we know what consumers truly want when it comes to app design and purpose," said Matt Knox, Partner at Wonderful and Co-Founder of Bingie. “We’re excited to showcase our team's expertise in an app of our own imagination and design. "We've created Bingie to be as interactive and social as possible and give users the best experience yet."

Bingie is currently available to download for free in the iOS App Store here. A web and Android version will follow and the team will continue to add features over the coming months.

For more information, please visit https://bingie.tv/.

[Editor's note: This is a lightly edited press release.]

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