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Aurora Launches Set-top Box for Professional Market

There are a lot of new set-top boxes on the market this year-from Roku, Google/Logitech, Apple, and soon Boxee-and now there's a new one on the list. The Aurora CineStreem Corporation of Los Angeles has announced the launch of the Aurora CineStreem Professional. This set-top box isn't like the others, though: it offers five levels of copy protection and is meant for film industry professionals.

In these days of constant media leaks, when anything digital winds up online, the CineStreem Professional answers the film industry's need for greater secrecy. It can be used to distribute anything from film dailies to advanced copies of films at award season (in lieu of DVD screeners).

This box and the copy protection system were developed by film producer Anatoly Fradis and Emmy-award winning special effects artist John Vulich.

"The device offers studios, guilds, unions, and independent filmmakers unparalleled security as well as a cost-effective solution against piracy and content distribution, which has been overwhelmingly acknowledged among industry executives," says Vulich.

The box weighs 0.75 pounds and works with a standard broadband Internet account. It offers AES 128 bit encryption, password authentication, HDCP, Rovi/Macrovision analog protection, and forensic watermarking to safeguard content. It will sell for under $200, with the subscription price yet to be determined. The young company doesn't yet have a website, but you can get more information by calling (310) 858-1005.

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