AdBrite Offers Audience Targeting

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Getting their message in front of the right people is crucial for online video advertisers, and San Francisco-based AdBrite promises to make it easier with its new Audience Manager.

AdBrite is an independent display and video advertising exchange, responsible for over 1 billion impressions per day on over 100,000 sites.

AdBrite didn't create the Audience Manager alone, but partnered with AlmondNet, eXelate, Lotame, Proximic, and TargusInfo to build in behavioral, contextual, and demographic data. Advertisers can select how they'd like to target their ads; the manager offers demographic, contextual, multiple behavior intent segments, and brand safety options.

"The marriage of AdBrite publisher reach and our rich, privacy-compliant, granular data on over 150MM US users provides a unique and effective offering within the banner and video space." says Mark Zagorski, chief revenue officer for eXelate.

Advertisers will also get rich analytics from the Audience Manager. Success rate tracking will show which campaigns are getting the strongest results.

"Acting as a no-cost broker of the data for our partners, we benefit from better performance for our advertisers and increased CPMs for our publishers. The availability of granular data gives advertisers better control over their display and video campaigns and increases ROI. We're pleased to offer our advertisers this benefit to help grow their success," says Iggy Fanlo, AdBrite's CEO.

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