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20% of Potential Video Revenue Lost to Piracy

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Let's cut right to the chase: The average streaming video content publisher loses 20% in potential revenue to piracy. That stunning number came out of a survey conducted by Streaming Media, Help Me Stream Research Foundation, and EZDRM, the findings of which were discussed during a research keynote at the most recent Streaming Media Connect.

We share the top data points and analysis from the survey in a research brief called "Content and Revenue Protection Trends 2021." The report covers a number of key topics around content and revenue protection, from the typical digital rights management (DRM) trends to bigger questions about current and future features of rights management solutions.


More than 200 respondents completed the survey in late summer 2021. While many of the respondents were from North America, others hailed from Asia-Pacific, Europe, and South America. Respondents self-selected from a number of industry segments, ranging from advertising and artists to over-the-air, cable, and OTT broadcasters. In addition, educators and various enterprises were represented by respondents whose job responsibilities ranged from engineering and operations to executive management.

One area that the report expands on is the disconnect between what's currently offered to customers in terms of content access, and what those customers would like to see in terms of freedom to share content and view it wherever they are.

What's even mort interesting is that, from a professional standpoint, respondents called for towards more restrictive DRM solutions, while also responding to consumer-facing questions with answers advocating for less restrictive approaches.

"Discrepancies continue between service business model implementation and legitimate consumer expectations," said Olga Kornienko, co-founder and COO of EZDRM, "and the survey responses highlight that trend."

The report also provides evidence that attack vectors—from the stark difference between personal and business online video consumption devices to the broad swath of operating systems (OS)—continue to multiply, alongside the general complexities of delivering video to so many different device-OS combinations.

Another portion of the report delves into the continued need for live stream security, which the pandemic brought to the fore as the number of live and interactive streams rose dramatically between early 2020 and summer 2021. In fact, the survey shows that securing live streams is now seen as just as important as it has been for on-demand content.

Finally, the report looks at newer global DRM standards, beyond Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay, and considers the emergence of DRM+ as a blended approach to security.

Download the report here.

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