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Wowza - View From The Top 2016

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Live video streaming is constantly evolving, which is part of what inspired the birth of Wowza nearly a decade ago. That’s a long time in the technology world, and we’ve seen things change massively from then to now. Back in 2007, Flash was the thing. In 2016, HTML5 and HTTP streaming have replaced it.

Overall, that’s been a good development. However, the notably high latency of HTTP streaming can be a drag. In the worst case, there might be more than a minute of latency in an HLS or MPEG-DASH stream. That’s far more than the typical 5–20 seconds of Flash streaming and broadcast latency to which we’d been accustomed. And any delay is much more noticeable now that mobile communication and social media connect us to the actual events. Now when people are tweeting the action from inside the stadium as plays happen, you’re seeing their commentary a minute or more ahead of your reality. That changes the expectation of “live” and messes with your mind. Suddenly the idea of latency becomes more critical.

Generally speaking, customers want the lowest latency possible. Fundamentally, if you can deliver content in less time than your competitors you have an advantage. Wowza technology was designed for multiple types of streaming—high-scale or one-to-one; HTTP or real-time streaming. This flexibility is at the core of everything we do, and it’s why clients with no time to spare—auction houses, gaming com­panies, live-chat apps, and more—rely on Wowza stream­ing technology.

Wowza Media Systems
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Golden, CO 80401

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