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TAG Video Systems: A View from the Top

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Consumers are gaining control: they demand more content and better QoS. While quality is essential to remain competitive, the increasing complexity of OTT workflows makes delivering the desired quality difficult.

Monitoring broadcast was fairly simple, cable and satellite added a few more signals to monitor, but OTT added the significant complexities: Each source is transcoded at the origin into many ABR variants, often with redundant origins. Distribution needs to be monitored across multiple CDNs and regions. On-demand “pop-up” channels require dynamic monitoring & orchestration, and many of these functions rely on 3rd-party and distributed services that need to be monitored as well. Of course, monetization of OTT highly depends on monitoring SCTE ad insertion technologies.

With video, audio and metadata analysis a single channel could have 15 to 100 potential monitoring points, which could end up being costly & unmanageable for the operator. Yet with this many moving parts in the workflow, monitoring is essential.

New-generation OTT monitoring tools need to be not only comprehensive in monitoring capabilities, but also extremely efficient. TAG’s monitoring platform is able to monitor all streams from live sources to CDNs and monitor the entire flow instead of the siloed sections. To manage costs in monitoring, TAG developed a unique Adaptive Monitoring tool. This functionality reduces the infrastructure footprint and costs by 80% compared to traditional monitoring whilst making zero compromises on monitoring points and overall QoS. Additionally, workflow data is constantly being collected and processed in realtime by TAG’s MCS, to enable media companies to gain true insight into the workflow performance and efficiency, for short and long term optimization.

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