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SSIMWAVE Inc. - View From The Top 2017

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Measurement is useful unless you’re busy measuring what’s easy as opposed to what’s important.

Twenty years ago, my co-founder and mentor, Professor Zhou Wang took the difficult path of accurately measuring how humans perceive video. He invented the revolutionary structural similarity (SSIM) video quality assessment model which went on to be recognized by the Television Academy at the 67th Engineering Emmy Awards, “…as the most widely-used perceptual video quality measure, used to test and refine video quality throughout the global cable and satellite TV industry directly affecting the viewing experiences of tens of millions of viewers daily.”

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. With Dr. Wang and my doctoral fellow, Kai Zeng, we set out to advance SSIM for the modern video ecosystem and created SSIMPLUS™. SSIMPLUS has proven itself to be the most accurate and complete real-time perceptual video quality metric ever engineered. SSIMPLUS outperforms all existing VQA models including SSIM, PSNR, MS-SSIM, VQM and VMAF.

For me, a measure is a means to manage. I believe in this so strongly that we decided to start SSIMWAVE Inc. to put SSIMPLUS to work.



Measure - Know exactly what every viewer is seeing. On every device. Everywhere.

• SSIMPLUS™ brings the accuracy of 100,000 human views to every stage of your video delivery network

Maximize - Make every bit count. Send only what’s needed and realize real-world bandwidth reductions of 25-40%.

• Monitor live and VOD viewer video quality and automate optimization for every stream and subscriber

Monetize - Deliver a premium experience using a video quality score top studios and industry experts trust.

• In production with America’s largest MVPD

• Emmy Award winning technology

• Recognized by the American Society of Cinematographers 

People create video for people. Start making business decisions using the only true measure, how viewers perceive video. Get SSIMPLUS working in your studio, network and delivery environments.

-Dr. Abdul Rehman, CEO - SSIMWAVE Inc.

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