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SSIMWAVE: A View from the Top

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The future of streaming is viewer engagement

Benchmarking the viewer experience versus others is a sound competitive strategy. Underdeliver, you risk churn. Overdeliver, you risk overspending. You need to find the ‘just right’ video quality and automate the whole process.

Content is the key differentiator for streamers, but content quickly becomes available across platforms and seen on OLED TVs, iPhones and in IMAX® theatres. Viewers are making choices where to spend their time (ad $) and money (subscription $) using criteria they trust, their eyes - to evaluate the content, UI/UX, and video quality.

Benchmarking what viewers see requires the right metric. Our proprietary AI algorithm - SSIMPLUS®, is based on real data from real people on what excellent viewing quality should be. It is core to our Live Monitor, VOD Monitor & VQ Dial software products which are automating QA and optimization for customers which include Disney, Paramount Global, and Warner Bros. Discovery.

Get in touch to benchmark your service’s viewer score. Know where you stand. Start saying NO to drop offs in quality. Start saying YES to dialing-in target quality for VOD and LIVE.

This year marks an impressive 5th year of being named in The 50 Most Important Companies in Online Video Tech. We’re super proud of that and our other multiple awards: Emmy® (2015, 2020); Best New Streaming Technology, Product of the Year at NAB (2021, 2022).

Our team is excited to announce that SSIMWAVE® is now an IMAX® company. We share a common goal of delivering high quality video experiences on any screen. Full release is here.

SSIMWAVE is operating as a subsidiary. The services and products we offer remain unchanged. Reach out at hello@ssimwave.com or by visiting www.ssimwave.com to know where you stand.


SSIMWAVE®, an IMAX® company

375 Hagey Blvd #310

Waterloo, ON N2L 6R5, Canada



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