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Recurly: 2015 Online Video Industry Prediction

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Niche Content, Meet Subscription Revenue

As witnessed by the recent explosion of GoPro videos of harrowing first-person action sports experiences—YouTube’s move into providing subscription media channels bridges the gap between content creators and meaningful revenue opportunity by giving content creators easy access to large audiences and significant revenue for those capable of creating content that people love.

Your A/V Setup: Converging Media Experiences—2015 will experience the proliferation of 4K streaming video and Retina Displays, which will blur the lines between your local movie theatre and OTT, Smart TV, DVR and Browser-based media viewing experiences. The movie theatre experience is on a collision course with a ‘pretty damn good approximation’ becoming readily available at home.

2015—The Year of the SVOD Breakout—Over the past ten years, we have witnessed an increasingly high demand for ultra-produced CGI special effects and mega-star casts to drive box office sales. And yet, box office sales have continued to slump. The alternative choice of simply staying at home is not only comfortable and convenient, but it has been made infinitely more attractive by Netflix, HBO, ShowTime and others capturing our attention with extremely compelling original content offerings.

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