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PTZOptics NDI Cameras & Wireless Cable Combo Designed for Flexible Live Streaming Environments

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NDI PTZ Cameras

The popular PTZOptics pan, tilt, and zoom cameras (starting at $1,599) are now available withNDI HX built-in. The same #1 selling SDI, HDMI, and PoE (Power over Ethernet) design is now available with integrated NDI technology. These cameras are also available with 12X, 20X and 30X optical zoom lenses allowing producers to capture a head and shoulders view of speakers up to 75' away.

Target Markets

The PTZOptics SDI and NDI cameras are ideal for any live streaming business that is producing video content for their customers in a variety of scenarios. Major customer markets include houses of worship, higher education, school broadcast clubs, event streaming, government/courtrooms, telemedicine, radio and sports. The new NDI integrations allow anyone using Wirecast, xSplit, Livestream Studio, MimoLive, Epiphan, TriCasters, OBS and more to connect directly with PTZOptics cameras over the network. New emerging markets include esports and DJ/Music entertainment.

Technical Specs

  • Video Outputs: (1) Video over Ethernet (1080p@60fps capable) (1) 3G-SDI (up to 1080P@60fps capable) (1) HDMI
    (up to 1080p@60fps capable) (1) CVBS
  • Frame Rates: 1080p-60/50/30/25, 1080-60/50, 720p-60/50/30/25. 1080p59.94, 1080i59.94, 1080p29.97, 720p59.94
  • Focal Lengths: 12x Optical, F3.5mm-42.3mm, F1.8-F2.8, 20x Optical, F3.5mm-42.3mm, F1.8-F2.8, 30x Optical,
    F3.5mm-42.3mm, F1.8-F2.8
  • PoE: PoE 802.3af
  • Camera Controls: RS-232, RS-485, VISCA, PELCO-D/P, PTZOptics VISCA over IP

Product Integrations

  • Smartphone Apps: Android, Kindle and iOS
  • Computer Programming Languages: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python, Visual Basic, (Open Source Code available on GitHub)
  • Software Integrations: Ableton Live, Bitfocus Companion, EasyLive, LivestreamStudio, MimoLive, OBS, ONVIF, OpenCV, ProTools, Rocosoft, Touch Designer, Twitch, VLC, vMix, Wirecast.
  • Hardware Integrations: AJA, Blackmagic, Echo360, Epiphan, LiveU, Magewell, TriCaster, Roland, Sling Studio, Wirecast Gear
  • Standards-based Protocols: DMX, HTTP-CGI, MIDI, ONVIF, PELCO-P/D, VISCA
  • Control System Integrations: Crestron, Extron, HuddleCamHD Joystick, PTZOptics IP Joystick, Skaarhoj Joysticks, Streamdeck, Xbox Controller (with software), X-keys.


Designed for flexible live streaming and video production environments. The PTZOptics WirelessCable is a 400 Meter (1,300 feet) wireless Ethernet solution with daisy-chaining capabilities which can provide increased distances of up to 1,600 meters or 5,249 feet. This low-latency wireless solution (starting at $1,050) can be paired with any device that utilizes a LAN connection and can provide up to 300 Megabits of wireless transmission bandwidth. With a paired Station & Access Point, you can connect any device to your network wirelessly.

PTZOptics wireless cable

Target Market

Video productions already using the NewTek NDI or any IP video production. Applications are wide-ranging, from IT infrastructure to mobile video productions.


  • Supports multi-level cascading
  • Supports a wide range of applications in wireless communication, live video, etc.
  • Supports mDNS
  • Up to 300Mbps wireless transmission bandwidth
  • 4x4 MIMO beamforming technology
  • 1/4-20 mounting screw on bottom and side of unit
  • WPA2-AES & WPA2 + WPA Encryption
  • Note: Does not support multicast traffic

Technical Specs

  • Frequency: 4.90 ~ 5.85 (GHz)
  • Bandwidth: 40MHz
  • Protocol: 802.11a/n
  • Speed Per Link: 300Mbps
  • Max Distance: 400m (Line of sight)
  • Maximum Daisy Chain: 5 Total units

Compatible Products

  • Network Switches
  • Computers
  • IP Cameras
  • IP Encoders & IP Decoders
  • Almost any hardwired TCP/IP-enabled device

Special Promotion

For a limited time, receive a $100 rebate when you purchase any PTZOptics P/T/Z model NDI|HX camera and WirelessCable bundle, or $50 off any NDI|HX ZCam and WirelessCable bundle.

Available From These Broadcast Distributors:

  • B&H Photo
  • Broadcast USA
  • Broadfield Distribution
  • JB&A
  • Mobile Video Devices

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