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PESA's 2015 View From The Top

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PESA started business in 1974 as one of the first audio and video router manufacturers in the world. Over the last four decades PESA has built a strong network of partnerships and relationships with key companies around the world. Our customers and partners depend on PESA solutions to support critical audio and video production environments.

We are deployed in military facilities, mobile production vehicles used in live sports broadcasts, broadcast studios, and in many other live production environments where failure is not an option. PESA is proud to be trusted in these types of environments year after year and takes pride in delivering rock solid performance and reliability that people have come to expect from our solutions.

In professional broadcast environments each piece of equipment is part of a larger system, typically consisting of a variety of hardware components; therefore integration/interoperability is key. System integrators often design systems that combine products from several different manufactures in order to incorporate components that are purpose built or optimized for a specific task.

This year PESA has added several key technology partners for streaming and continued expanding our integration capabilities. Here are a few of the highlights-

  • PESA Certified CDNs- Our streaming hardware has an integrated CDN drop down menu which makes it much easier to publish a live stream. 
  • NewTek- PESA has teamed with NewTek to integrate our routers and streaming solutions; thus expanding the capabilities of their TriCaster products.
  • openGear- PESA recently introduced encoding/decoding cards for the openGear chassis which delivers up to 20 channels of encoding or decoding in just 2RU.

We look forward to working with these partners and adding more integration options in the coming years to continue delivering unique, powerful, and reliable streaming solutions.

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