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NANOCOSMOS - Executive Predictions for 2018

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Interactive live streaming is definitely a huge trend that will keep rising in the next years. Ultra-low-latency is the main feature of this kind of live streams, as it is necessary to achieve real-time engagement. On the other hand, cloud services are a success and can scale capacity easily, besides adapting to changing viewership. Together with the death of Flash by 2020, these two concepts bring up a new era for live streaming. Live Streaming applications are more and more mainstream and required to work within any kind of business application as a simple “add-on”. Customers do not want to hassle with looking to different vendors, devices, formats, etc. and setting up their own infrastructure.

Therefore, in 2018 we can expect an even higher adoption of cloud-based solutions for live streams, mainly focusing on scalability and ultra-low-latency. Since RTMP will lose power for playout, new technologies must come up to fulfill this gap. 

Keeping it in mind, nanocosmos has developed nanoStream Cloud and the unique H5Live technology and player, an end-to-end ultra-low-latency solution that works on any HTML5 browser and mobile device, including Safari on iOS.

Adding nanoStream Apps and SDKs, you will find true cross-platform live encoding, while nanoStream WebRTC.live will be the perfect solution for browser-based live streams and webcasts. 

nanoStream Cloud lets you go live around the world in 1 second. You only need to get your camera ready, and we do the rest!

Oliver Lietz


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