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Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Video Will Shake Things Up in 2020

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Competition, emerging formats and platforms and technological advancements promise to make 2020 another dynamic year for the industry.

My colleagues CTO Ian Hamilton and CSO Rick Clarkson join me in sharing some thoughts on 2020.

It’s a Hybrid Cloud/Multi-Cloud World

My prediction is that media companies will increasingly drive their technical infrastructure toward a hybrid cloud/multi-cloud future. The industry is moving beyond a simplistic view of “the cloud” as a single public cloud platform. Technical leaders now envision agile, distributed global storage and compute environments, with multiple commercial infrastructure providers and large-scale private clouds. They want to be able to choose the optimal resource configuration for each workflow or asset class, based on cost, performance, and adjacency to other services.

The Evolution of Machine Learning

Ian predicts, “While applying supervised machine learning to train computers to perform tasks that humans are good at (and machines haven’t traditionally been good at), like natural language processing and image recognition, is interesting and useful, I think we’ll see an increase in strategies for enabling machines to do things that the majority of humans aren’t good at, like creating photorealistic images or devising strategies for maintaining privacy in aggregate data.”

A Paradigm Shift in Media Technology

Rick shares, “I look at the need for business agility driven by changes in consumer behavior. The industry is moving away from expensive, bespoke solutions in favor of lighter weight, off-the-shelf, multi-tenant SaaS. I envision some market consolidation in media technology where companies building solutions using a combination of cloud technologies, microservices, open source software and commercial applications will be in an enviable position.”

The Signiant team is excited to see how the industry evolves in 2020 and we’re committed to the further innovation of our SaaS platform to help connect an ever more complex global media supply chain.


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